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Something's Gonna Happen

Mar 12, 2019

Join us to hear #music by Rebekah Pulley an avid player of music around these parts. you may have seen her recently at #Localtopia or seen her playing or hanging out at the #Blueberry Patch. Not only will she be playing music for us but we will get a chance to talk to her about what makes her tick and what drives her...

Feb 24, 2019

Laura Shepherd talks with guests and plays  Pay It No mind with Lucky Lucy on flute.

Musician, Traveler, Storyteller Lipbone Redding creates an entire world of music and adventure through the use of vocal mastery, guitar and a wooden spoon. This guy doesn’t need a loop pedal to get the sound of a full band,...

Feb 9, 2019

Laura Shepherd will sing a few songs and be talking with  

  Stone Handy a man whos life has been one of adventure; inside and out, he brings his wisdom  and insight to us in the form of melodic spoken word with deep meaning. This will be an ear opening as well as a mind opening experience.

Jan 25, 2019


Our musical guest is Bud Good song writer extraordinaire.  You will hear about his past and influences. He also brought his accompanist John Holt and we also get to hear one of his songs.

Get wowed by Bruce Sherman sharing the amazing properties of Spilanthes a flowering herb...

Jan 25, 2019

Our musical guest is Mountain Holler, a man who makes music that will bring your heart and soul together as one and take you flying high above your troubles to connect you to your inner self. Join us to hear his soul lifting tunes and meet the man behind the voice. Find out more about him at...